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AI/ML powered software platform built for SMB lenders. Continuous self-learning analytic models transforming financial data into actionable insights.

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Helping Businesses Prosper

Charm helps partners serve SMBs safely, efficiently, and profitably.

Lending Gap
SMBs are underinsured

Lenders may now access individualized machine-learning solutions through Charm Solutions' partnership with Abrigo, allowing for faster and more precise SMB loan decisions.

This partnership will enable Abrigo’s clients to better manage their SMB portfolios, identify risk, and increase their efficiency and profitability. By using CHARM Platform's machine learning and scoring, acquisition teams can identify which SMB leads are most likely to convert, allowing them to focus on the most promising leads, while portfolio management can use the scores to identify which SMB customers need additional account management or other services. Additionally, the scores can be used to identify trends in customer behavior, allowing the company to better understand its customer base and tailor products and services accordingly.

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CHARM Platform

Everything you need to make your business grow fast!
Customizable real-time scoring models that integrate seamlessly with existing workflows and applications.

Web Application Ready

CHARM Platform offers a robust API service that integrates directly into your existing web applications.

Widget Based Technology

CHARM AI powered widgets embed directly into your current financial applications, enabling access to key features and insights into your customer's financial health.


SMBScore is built from decades of SMB accounting data from over six countries, utilizing proprietary ML technology.

Optimize Underwriting

AI-driven underwriting process optimization improves accuracy from our three intelligence pillars of data sets. 

Portfolio Monitoring

Continuous tracking and monitoring of default probability utilizing a borrowers' account behavior and patterns. 

Opportunity Insights

Analyze your deposit portfolio for qualifying SMBs for new financial product offers.

CHARM Data Pillars

Large-scale data sets.

Use Cases

Leverage CHARM Platform to provide valuable insights to determine financial health, optimize operations, and make strategic decisions to drive growth.

Instantly Underwrite Commercial Vehicle Loans

Identify Deposit
Clients Who Meet
Loan Criteria

Benchmark CU Risk Against The National Association

Satisfy Internal Compliance Review

Assess Risk of Syndicated Loan
Sales Relative to Overall Bank Book

Monetize Deposit Base with 3rdParty Lenders

About Us

Organizing the World's SMB Data

It became clear to us that the SMB lending process was hindered by out-dated technology, business models that haven't evolved in a decade, and a disregard for a wealth of data telemetry. As a result, business owners were left with limited and unsatisfactory options, so we decided to do something about it.

At the outset of our journey, we dove headfirst into technology by creating databases that tracks the success of small business loans over the span of 30 years. By mining this massive database, which contains the past financial statements of millions of SMBs across the globe, we can identify the most important metrics for evaluating their creditworthiness.

Charm Solutions aims to revolutionize the lending process by leveraging the power of data to provide analytics, actionable insights, streamlined decisioning, and a commitment to helping businesses prosper.

Small business lending reimagined with AI-powered solutions.

Support from the brightest!
BootstrapLabs Portfolio Company since 2022

Our Team

Jacob Malmborg
CEO and Co-founder
John Donovan
President, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder
Ola Sambergs
CTO and Co-founder
Mike Shipley
Florian Lyonnet
Chief Data Scientist
Kevin McNamee
Director of DevOps

What People Say About Us

“Charm Solutions’ AI platform has been an important element to transform SME secured lending at Citadele. Having worked with Charm solutions for almost 3 years, we have been very satisfied and continued expanding the use of the platform to the new markets. The team working at Charm solutions are talented and the dynamic architecture of the platform have been a great enabler to our capabilities.”

Vladislavs Mironovs
Chief Strategy Officer at Citadele

“By leveraging the power of automation and AI, financial institutions can provide the small businesses in their communities with the funds they need faster while ensuring they have the right risk management controls in place for their lending processes. We are very pleased to partner with Charm to develop this innovative solution that advances our mission to help communities thrive."

Ravi Nemalikanti
CTO at Abrigo