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The small business lending process is hampered by insufficient use of data, with outdated technology and business models that have not changed in over a decade. As a result, business owners are faced with limited and unsatisfactory options.

At the outset of our journey as a direct lender for small businesses, we initiated our foray into technology by building a comprehensive database that documents the performance of small business loans over the span of 30 years. This extensive database includes the financial statement histories of millions of companies from various parts of the world, enabling us to pinpoint the crucial indicators of creditworthiness.

charm solutions aims to revolutionize the lending process by leveraging the power of data to provide analytics, actionable insights, streamlined decisioning, and a commitment to helping businesses prosper.

Small business lending reimagined with AI-powered solutions.

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Jacob Malmborg
CEO and Co-founder
John Donovan
Head of Marketplace and Co-founder
Ola Sambergs
CTO and Co-founder
Emilia Aker
Head of Product
Cecilia Ardström
Florian Lyonnet
Chief Data Scientist
John DeSouza
Head of Experience
Kevin McNamee
Director of DevOps
Scott Lascelles
Ralph Shayne
Ed Murphy
Bill Minnis